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So, Christian Aid just helps Christians, right?


Christian Aid is an organisation run by Christians, true enough, BUT it exists to relieve poverty among the most disadvantaged in areas of the world; it helps people of ALL faiths and NONE.


Although it gives short term immediate disaster relief, as when earthquakes strike etc, Christian Aid also enables those in need to help themselves longterm. Christian Aid works alongside "partners" who live in the area of need and know exactly the kind of help which will be the most effective.


Help is not funnelled through governments but given directly to the area of need.

Can anyone help out?


Of course! Everyone is welcome at any of our events and we'd love to see you there.


As for the Cheltenham Christian Aid committee, well we're a team of volunteers from all walks of life and from different churches across town. We meet several times a year to both organise fund raising events and raise awareness of Christian Aid and what it does.

How can I help?

if you wish to make a donation...


click on the above logo to link to the

national Christian Aid web site &

donate directly

if you'd like to support

Christian Aid Cheltenham...


join us at our next fund raising event

- follow the link to find out more...

if you'd like to help

Christian Aid Cheltenham


contact us if you have an idea or

would like to be more involved...

our next fundraising events in Cheltenham -



Christian Aid Fete 12th May 2018, 10 - 12 am

at St Mary's, Charlton Kings

Christian Aid Week 13th - 19th May 2018


Summer Fun Day 16th June 2018

( details to be announced )



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